HPM 2022

The scope of the Hybrid Photonics and Materials (HPM 2022)  spans from fundamental physics to applications of phenomena related to hybrid light-matter excitations and photon-mediated interactions of disparate material systems. This  5-day international conference combines talks by the acclaimed scientists as well as presentations by young researchers and aspire to promote active exchanges of ideas and advanced developments in the field.

Discussed topics include:

-Hybrid organic-inorganic photonics
-Polaritonics (in inorganic, organic and hybrid microcavities)
-Quantum Simulators
-Quantum fluids and Bose-Einstein condensation in equilibrium and non-equilibrium systems Physics, applications and devices of wide bandgap semiconductors (GaN, ZnSe, ZnO, organic materials)
-Hybrid photonic devices (novel lasers, low dimensional nanostructures)

This is the third event in the series of international conferences dedicated to Hybrid Photonics and Materials, which is being built upon success of HPM 2019 in Naxos, HPM 2017 in Mykonos and HPM 2015 in Santorini.